Answers to Introduction Questions

Answers to Introduction Questions

1.  Jesus revealed who God is to the disciples.  The disciples belonged to God as we do as His creation.  Jehovah God, Elohim, and Adonai have the attribute of ownership as God Almighty, Creator, and master of the Universe.

2.  I have revealed you to (Your name)whom you gave me out of  the world.  (he,she) is yours, You gave (him, her) to me and (he, she) has obeyed your word.

3.  We are sealed by the Holy Spirit who has the power and authority to protect us.

4.  His love will be manifested in us.  His love will be in our hearts and in our minds.

5.  In our search for a” god”, He hopes we will search Him out and find Him.

6. He humbled Himself by becoming a man.  He was born to die and knowing the horror that it meant for Him to endure, He was obedient unto death.

7.  His eyes are bright and piercing.  He wears many crowns and He has a name written on Him that no one knows but Himself.

8.  I must have a desire to know the only true God and Jesus Christ.  I must learn the facts about them as I study the Bible and respond to that knowledge in faith.  That faith is trusting Christ as my Saviour.  As I grow in my knowledge of Him I will grow in grace.

9.  Whatever a believer does,  should be for the glory of God.

10.  We honor God because we are bought with a price.  We honor Him in everything we do.  We honor Him by using our bodies to bring glory to God.

three things I thought of…

  • See others as Christ sees them.
  • Put God’s word in my mind and in my heart that I might know how to be obedient.
  • Always live wearing the armor of God…truth, righteousness, gospel of peace, faith, salvation, and the word of God.

11.  We must fall on our knees and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is LORD.

12.  The one who is victorious.  Other versions use the word overcomes.  I am not victorious, I cannot overcome without the blood of the lamb.  It is only through Him that I have victory.

13.  In order to identify with God, His character should become visible in me.

14.  He will keep His promises according to His attributes.  He is a Holy God and will not answer an unholy request for example.  We can ask for anything that is within His purpose and will and He will be faithful to respond.


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