Elohim Worksheet Chapter One

Elohim Worksheet Chapter One

 Read John 15:8, Matthew 5:16, and 1 Corinthians 10:31

1.   We are to do three things to glorify God.

2.  Our actions cause us to glorify God.  What does it do for others?


3.  Read Mark 7:6-8 Why do we sometimes teach in vain?

 God does not want us to learn about what man thinks.  He wants us to learn about His word.  He has revealed Himself and His laws, love, and mercy in His word.  When we study His word, we learn about Him.  We learn to love Him because of who He is.  Only by knowing Him as He has revealed Himself in the bible, can we glorify Him as we ought. 

How important is a name?

In biblical times, a person’s name was a revelation of his character.  Joseph told the story of his life in the names he gave to his sons.

 4.   Name them here and give the significance of their names. 

Genesis 41:50-51

 5.  List the people whose names were changed and their meaning.

Genesis 17:5____________________which means “high father” to _________________________which means “father of a great multitude.”

Genesis 35:10 ____________________________which means “that supplants, undermines, heel” to___________________Which means “that prevails with God”.

Acts 13:9________________________which means “demanded, lent, ditch, death” to ____________________which means “small, little.

Matthew 16:17-18________________________which means “that hears, that obeys to ___________________________ which means “rock or stone.”

These people were given different names because of some important event in their lives.  But when we examine the names of God, we find that they are names God has given to Himself.  By knowing these names and what they mean, we can draw near the Creator.  Because of the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, we have been made heirs with Him and He has proclaimed Himself the loving Creator, Father, Elohim of those who believe.

6.  Romans 8:16  How can we be sure we are the children of God called by His name?

 7.  Galatians 3:29  What are we if we belong to Christ?

 8.  Ephesians 3:6 what do Israel and Gentiles share in common?

Doesn’t that make you want to know more about the Father?  Don’t you want to know more about Him so you can become more like Him?  To know Him is to love Him.  To love Him is to glorify Him.  To glorify Him is your purpose.  It is why you were created.

1 Corinthians 10:31

8.   What do we do for the glory of God

 Essential to our ability to glorify God is the knowledge of God and knowing Him personally in view of that knowledge.  I am so glad that God did not give man the authority and power to name Him.  God Himself revealed Himself to man and we can trust that revelation.

 9.  Read Exodus 20:7  What are some ways we can take the name of the LORD in vain?

If we use God’s name in vain without really knowing Him, we are taking is name in vain.  If we call ourselves Christians, identifying ourselves with Christ, and live no different than the world around us, we take His name in vain.  Wearing the name of a Christian carries a responsibility to reflect the attributes of the Father.  We must glorify the Father in what we say and what we do.  How can we reflect them if we do not know them?  The study of the names of God can be a lifetime project…getting to know God, getting to know the Creator, the Provider, the one who loved you before time began.

We have read how the names of some people were changes because of some change in their lives.  God wants to do the same for us.

10.Revelations 2:17  What is in the future regarding our name?

“There are two possibilities concerning this new name. Either it is a new name given to the overcomer or it is the new name of God given to the overcomer in the church at Philadelphia (Rev. 3:12+).

This may indicate one or more of three main ideas. First, the name might be a new name Christ will give to each believer. It will be appropriately different for each overcomer and no one except the one who receives it will know the name. Second, the name might be the same for all believers. It will be known to all victors (all believers) just as the things of God are known (in different degree) to all believers (1Jn. 2:20, 27; 1Cor. 2:15-16). This view also fits with the Lord’s promises in Isaiah that He will give to His people—all of them in common—a “new name” (Isa. 62:2; cf. 56:5; 65:15). Third, the name might be that of God the Father or of Christ Himself, a common heritage for all overcomers. In favor of this view is the parallel passage in Revelation 3:12+, which says the name Christ will give is God’s own name. (Further support is in Revelation 14:1+ and 22:4+, which refer to God’s name on the foreheads of the 144,000 and all believers in the New Jerusalem.) This name could be a name of God that He deems appropriate for His own as an expression of the fact that they belong to Him (cf. Isa. 56:5; 62:2; 65:15). Also, as already noted, the white stone may allude to the stones of the Law on which God wrote His name (Ex. 20).22 Copyright © 2004-2009 by Tony Garland
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11.Revelation 14:9, 10  In the end, everyone will be associated with one of two names that will be on their forehead or on their hand.  What are the names of the two groups?

To have God’s name means having His law, not just the rules of the Ten Commandments, but also the principles of his greatest law of love written on our hearts and minds.

12. How can we trust His name?

A.  Numbers 23:19

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  These are attributes of God as Elohim, covenant maker.  What good would a covenant be without them?  He cannot lie, change His mind, speak and then not act, promise and not fulfill.

 Write the scripture:

Psalm 22:4

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  Elohim has never forsaken anyone He has made a covenant with in the past nor will He do so in the future, because He spoke it.

C.  Psalm 27:4-5

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  Our Fathers trusted Him.  He delivered them, not once, not twice, but many times and He is still in that business.  He delivered them even when their trust was not so strong.  He saw their misery and remembered His promise and He delivered them.

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  He is almighty God, our strength and shield.  There is none greater.

D.  Psalm 28:7

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  He is almighty God.  He is powerful enough to be our strength and shield in any situation.

E.  Psalm 62:8

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  He is almighty God, fully capable of being our refuge in any kind of trouble.

F.  Isaiah 12:2

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  The promise of salvation is real.  The promise of salvation is a fulfilled promise.

 Isaiah 26:4

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  He is almighty God, our everlasting rock.

Hebrews 13:5b

Take comfort in the covenant Elohim has made with you.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.  He promised, He must fulfill, He said it and He cannot lie or change His mind.  He spoke it and he will act, in fact, has acted on your behalf. 

All of the above are Names of God.  He is our refuge, or rock, salvation, deliverer, strength, and truth.  We can depend on him.

I want to end with the four blessings we receive in the new covenant with Elohim.

13. Hebrews 8:10 I will put my laws in their __________,

 and I will write them on their _______________________.

I will be their________________, and they will be my


Hebrews 8:11  What will we no longer responsible for doing?  What will the world lack as a result?


 Jeremiah 31:33 The divine blotting out of our sins cleanses and sets us free from its power, allows God to do what?


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