Jehovah Chapter Two Part Two

Is Jesus Jehovah?

Read Revelations 1:4   

1.What have you learned about the name of Jehovah that applies to what John is saying about Jesus in this Scripture.?

Read Colossians 1:17   

2.What verbs are used in speaking of Christ in these passages?

All the verbs are forms of the verb “to be.”  Paul is saying that Jesus was there when the world was created. 

According to this Scripture, Jesus is before all things. An important concept relates Jesus to both Jehovah as the preexistent one and Elohim as Creator and sustainer of the Universe.

3.How does this scripture relate Jesus to Jehovah? 

4.How does this scripture relate Jesus to Elohim?

Jesus is holding all things together.  As Jehovah, He has the power to do it. As Elohim, He has the love of His Creation at heart and devotes Himself to keeping it running as it should.  Have you ever thought about what would happen if He did not.  Think of the lowly atom.  Jehovah derived the whole plan and Elohim put those little atoms in order.  Ernest Walton and John Cockroft (1932) were the first to split the nucleus in a completely controlled manner. What happens when this tiny atom is split has enabled mankind to build a weapon that has the potential of destroying all life on earth.  If Jesus decided to stop holding the uncountable jillions of atoms of the Universe together the whole thing would disappear in the greatest fireworks show of eternity. Christ holds all things together, from the stars in the great Universe to me and my runty little black dog. 

Paul wrote in present tense when speaking of Christ existence which establishes the timeless fact of His Diety.  He created the Universe.  He is the sustainer of His creation.  (in Him all things hold together.)  The sun, moon, and stars maintain their orbits by Him. Gravity holds us to the earth.  Photosynthesis produces the necessary gases for life to thrive on the planet.  The Universe is maintained by Him, and was maintained by Him even while He was on the earth. (McDonald Commentary)

Read Colossians 1:18  Not only is He the beginning of all earthly, temporal creations, but He is the beginning of spiritual life.  He is the first to die a physical death that did not require a second death.  Elijah raised the boy from the dead, but that boy would one day die again.  Christ rose in a glorified body that does not require a second bout with death…

5.What is Christ relationship to the church?

This Scripture says Jesus is the firstborn of the dead.  He is the only one who has died and been raised to new life in a glorified body today.  When Christ comes to take the church, we too will leave our corrupted flesh and receive the glorified body that is like Christ. I John 3:22 “Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears,[a(or when it is made known)] we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.”

Read Philippians 3:20-21 

6.What power will Jesus use to transform our bodies?

He could only use this power if He were Jehovah.  He could only have this power if He were Elohim. He will use this power on resurrection day to free us from the plagues that bedevil our mortal bodies, as he finally and forever reconciles the Universe to Himself and restores its original purpose to glorify Jehovah. All praise and glory to Him who deserves it.

We will be free from sin, morally like Jesus.  We who belong to Him can trust that He will keep His covenant that we shall also rise from the dead with a glorified body like His.

Read John 8:57-59

7.Who did Jesus say he was? 

What name of God is defined by the statement “I AM WHO I AM?”

Jesus made His claim to be eternal Jehovah here.  He called Himself “I AM” totally enraging the religious rulers, who completely understood what He was saying. Yet they were totally unable to understand the divine truth of what He said.  He had been with God the Father throughout eternity.  There was never a time when he had not existed. 

Read John 17:5  

8. What is Jesus asking for?

 Jesus had left the honor and glory He had with the Father when he came to earth and took on weak human flesh.  The world did not know Him. He does not have that glory on earth as a human being.  It sounds like He longs for the happiness, the blessings, the identity He enjoyed with the Father and he asks for it to be restored.  Vernon McGee says “He emptied Himself of the prerogatives of deity; He laid aside his glory.”  He was still 100% Jehovah, 100% Elohim, still holding the Universe together while on earth as 100% man, but letting go of the glory that was His.

Read John 10:30,

9. How does Jesus identify Himself in this verse?

10. What is He claiming to be?

John 13:19-20

11.Who is Jesus claiming to be in this passage?

Jesus is also saying that when His word, His message is received, regardless of who gives the message; His word is true.  Judas went out and preached the word.  Many were saved because of the message he brought.  Many were healed.  It was the word that saved them.  It was the message that healed them.  Not the messenger who would later betray the One who sent him.  Only Jehovah could enable the word to work in this way. We are saved by hearing the words and accepting Christ. Only Jehovah could bless His word in this way.


 MARK 14:61-62

12. What was the significance of Jesus reply to the High Priest question?

 John 14:10

 13. What is Jesus asking the disciples to believe?

We can believe that He is Jehovah because all of the prophesies about Him are fulfilled in His person. We can believe that He is equal to the Father in every way.   We can believe because He had the power to speak the words of the Father and do mighty miracles.  We can believe because of it was His claim and he is unable to lie.

God said His name was and is and always will be “I AM WHO I AM”.  Jesus said He is, was, and always will be “I AM WHO I AM.”  John knew Him as no other did.  He was Jesus beloved friend.  He had worked intimately with Jesus.  He ate with Him, walked with Him on the dusty roads of the Holy land, and listened to the teachings of Christ.  He came to know the “man” who called Him into the service of Jehovah was “Jehovah.”  John assures us that we can believe Jesus is, was, and always will be “I AM WHO I AM’.


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