1.  I am using the 2011 New International Version of the Bible.  I am adding words from the 2001 American English Bible which is translated directly from the Greek septuagint when I think it better illuminates the text.  I try to put it in parenthesis next to the word it replaces.

2.  Because so many people use different versions of the Bible, I am not going to use fill in the blanks.  I am trying to edit the posts to reflect this change.

3.  It might be helpful to you to go to  This site is beneficial as it makes almost every version available online.

4.  Please be patient with me as I learn how to do this day by day.

5.  When you review the answers, be aware that it is my insight in the answers.  Your insight may be different as the Spirit leads you.  One deficiency of an online Bible study is the lack of personal input from others.  That is why I relish your comments and critiques.  I will not be offended if you disagree with me.  Each of us is led in a different way because of our experiences, upbringing, and spiritual leadership given by the Holy Spirit.  That is not to say that we can change the meaning of the scripture to meet our own personal needs at the time.  We must be careful to pray about our study so we can always be led in the right direction.

6.  You might review this post as I may add additional helpful comments as I learn what I am doing???


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