Is Jesus El Shaddai? Chapter Three Part Two Answers

Answers for Is Jesus El Shaddai


1. Son of God, sufficient, creator, the Word, Savior, powerful, transcendent, mighty, shepherd who feeds His sheep, pours Himself into the believers life, strength giver, satisfies with His grace and power, mighty, deliverer,

2. He can do all things. 

3. The fullness of the Deity.

4. Before creation

5. He blots them out and does not remember them.  He does it for His own sake…because He wants to.

6. Heal the man.   Your sins are forgiven.

7. The woman caught in adultery John 8:3-22

 The woman who anointed His feet with oil Luke 7:47-50

Peter for denying that he knew Jesus John 18 and 21

The people who crucified Him Luke 23

The thief on the cross Luke 23:39-43

8. We are to worship only God.  God says He will not share His glory with anyone or anything.

9. The International version uses the word “knelt” while the King James uses the stronger word “worshipped”.

10.  Jesus, who is seated on the throne.

11. Jesus, who was there from the beginning, willed it to happen, saw it happen, made it happen as He determined it should be.

12.  These acts of worship occurred before and after the resurrection of Christ.

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