El Shaddai Chapter Three Answers

El Shaddai Chapter Three Answers

  1. The enemy was thrown into confusion and great hail stones fell from the sky killing them.  The sun stands still for Joshua.
  2. Hezekiah was healed and given 15 more years to live.
  3. Moses stretched out his hand and the sea became dry land.
  4. Ravens fed Elijah, oil and flour provided for the widow.
  5. Widow’s son brought back to life.
  6. Gideon’s fleece
  7. Walls of Jericho
  8. Elisha healed the Shunamite boy.
  9. Sara became pregnant with Issac when past the age of bearing children.

10.   Angel of death passed over the blood marked doorpost and the firstborn of Israel were saved.

    11.   Moses drawn out of the river by the Egyptian Princess and raised as her own.

   12.   Israelites fed with manna and quail.

   13.   Water of Marah made sweet when Moses threw in a piece of wood.

   14.   Joseph’s tragedy saves his family from destruction thus preserving the Israelite nation.


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