7 Jehovah Mephalte answers


1.   Through the will of Jehovah Mephalte, the Lord our Deliverer, Moses was given the power to set the Israelites free from their slavery in Egypt.  God delivered the Israelites in a spectacular rescue that included the parting of the Red Sea to provide an escape route for the Israelites who were fleeing their ruthless Egyptian Masters.  “I will” appears 7 times.

2.  He handed over the nations and the Promised Land to the Israelites.

God is the conveyer of grace.  He seeks us out and bestows his unmerited favor on those who will accept it.

When we have faith, we receive righteousness handed to us freely from the hand of God.

God handed over his son for the sins of humanity.

God gives us justification and life when we accept his son. God will hand eternal life to those who come in the name of his son.

God handed the Ten Commandments, the law to Moses

3.  Hannah was given a child.  God delivered her from her anguish and persecution because she had not conceived.

Sarah was barren and God brought her aged body to life and enabled her to conceive and bear the child Isaac.

Rebekah had not been able to conceive, so Isaac went to the Lord and asked for a child from the womb of his beloved Rebekah

4.  Jonah was sent to Nineveh to warn them of judgment if they did not repent of their sin.

Elijah was given the word that there would be no rain or dew for years because of the gross   immorality Ahab had encouraged in Israel.

He advised Elijah to hide at the brook of Cherith because Ahab and Jezebel were going to kill him.  God sent the ravens to feed him while he was hiding

When the brook dried up, God sent him to Zarepath where he met a starving family, a widow and her son.  God sent Elijah to deliver the widow.

God sent power to Elijah that enabled him to provide vessels of oil and flour that never failed to provide food for them all.

He sent a mighty fire from heaven that lit the sodden sacrifice prepared by Elijah.

5.    The king declared that Daniels God was the God of gods, and the Lord of kings and Daniel was made rewarded and made a ruler in the land.

6.    Joshua was promised the Israelites would overtake Jericho.  The people followed the instructions from the messenger sent by God and the walls of Jericho fell.

7.    Jesus Christ, the Savior

8.    He preserves those who are faithful and true to him. Those who have regard to the weak. He preserves the souls of the saints.


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